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?Our History Shandong Yahong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of

3-Layer PPR Antibacterial Pipe manufacturers 鈥?Our History Shandong Yahong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 2.18 million yuan. It is subordinate to Yahong group, located in the industrial park of Linyi City, Shandong Province. It has convenient transportation advantages. Yahong Pipe is a comprehensive company Integrating R D, Production, Sales, Service, Engineering design, Cost evaluation, Construction and Installation of new materials and equipment components, new plastic pipes and new building materials. Yahong has 8 functional departments: Production, R D, Sales, E-commerce, Foreign Trade, Administration, Finance, Warehousing and Logistics. In order to meet the social demand for high-quality pipelines, the company has introduced the current domestic advanced production lines and other auxiliary equipment, and the annual production capacity of various series of products has reached more than 100000 tons. The continuous introduction of advanced equipment has become an important process for our company to implement the brand strategy, and build the "Yahong" as a well-known brand through advanced testing equipment, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. The company will always adhere to the purpose of "Quality first, Reputation first". With scientific management means and strong technical force, the company will continue to deepen reform, innovate mechanism, adapt to the market and develop in an all-round way. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business. 鈥?Our Factory In order to expand the production scale and expand the market scope, the company has built a new Yahong factory covering an area of more than 133,000 square meters in Junan industrial park, a modern standard production workshop of more than 55,000 square meters, as well as an office building, an apartment building and a R D center. It also has a sales comprehensive service hall and a logistics distribution center, which can provide more convenient "one-stop" high-quality services for customers and friends all over the country and overseas. 鈥?Our Product PE pipe fittings, PVC pipe fittings, PRR pipe fittings, HDPE gas pipes, HDPE mining pipes, CPVC and MPP cable pipes, Colored stone metal tiles and Russia RIMMID technical equipment manufacturing new material components. 鈥?Product Application Urban tap water supply, Municipal drainage, Urban weak current pipe network, Sewage treatment, Railway/ expressway power cable protection, airport/ playground/ farmland irrigation, Fire fighting pipeline and other fields. 鈥?Our Certificate 1. Brand Yahong has two independent brands of "Yahong" and "Yingda", and its products cover more than 300 series products in 8 categories. 2. Certification Special equipment manufacturing license of the people's Republic of China China environmental labeling product certification certificate quality management system certification Safety production standardization certificate Environmental system management certificate Certificate of measurement management system Occupational health and safety management system certificate 鈥?Production Equipment Yahong pipe industry -- world-class production equipment The company has a world-class digital complete extrusion production line, and has set up a laboratory and quality inspection room to realize the whole process quality control from raw material procurement, manufacturing to packaging and warehousing. By completing the digital upgrading of production equipment, Yahong plastic has continuously improved the core competitiveness of products in terms of hardware, ensured the quality control and accuracy of key links of products, thus ensuring the stability and indifference of product quality and the orderly and efficient operation of the production system. 1. High quality raw materials Raw materials are the basis of producing high-quality pipes, and the selection of raw materials directly affects the quality of pipes. Yahong selects high-quality raw materials from well-known companies such as Sinopec. Er drying system In order to achieve the drying treatment of hygroscopic polymers and meet the drying requirements of various special situations, we use advanced dehumidification dryer. It can maintain stable humidity and temperature for all models to ensure continuous and stable performance and first-class product quality. Crushing system In the field of injection molding and extrusion, the recycling of waste materials and heads greatly saves the production cost of logistics management and solves environmental problems. The crusher adopted by our company uses standard scheme to keep the material characteristics unchanged and avoid material pollution and moisture absorption. The crushing is uniform and free of dust, which can realize high proportion recycling. Temperature control system In order to realize high-quality repeated production and avoid defective products, it is necessary to keep the temperature of dies, extruder screws, calibration instruments, cylinders and other equipment stable. Our production equipment can ensure accurate temperature control and efficient plastic conversion process. The equipment has excellent operation stability and can optimize direct and indirect energy use, so as to reduce energy consumption. Cooling system In order to accurately cool the hydraulic oil, extruder and thermoplastic equipment of molds, injection molding and blow molding machines, the cooling function used by our company ensures optimal energy consumption. The machine is equipped with a screw closed compressor. In winter, the small compressor can reduce the hot gas and recover and utilize the condensed heat, so as to effectively use the ambient cold air and save a lot of energy. 鈥?High quality raw materials Raw materials are the basis of producing high-quality pipes, and the selection of raw materials directly affects the quality of pipes. Yahong selects high-quality raw materials from well-known companies such as Sinopec. 鈥?Production Market Over the past 20 years, Yahong company has been growing with the care and support of leaders at all levels and customers and friends. Its sales network has spread over more than 20 provinces and cities in China and is exported to South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Outer Mongolia, Malaysia and other countries. 鈥?Our Service 1. Pre sales service: The company has an efficient sales team, which can provide customers with professional product consultation. Relying on advanced production equipment, rigorous order placing process, strict quality acceptance and professional and efficient transportation logistics team, the company has formulated and implemented the best transportation scheme that is stable, convenient, safe and economical, so as to ensure that it can provide customers with the best products, Optimal service and maximum value. 2. After sales service: We appoint after-sales supervisors to visit users regularly or irregularly, including technical support, delivery and repair, return and exchange, on-site service, project service, factory repair and other service modes, so as to enhance the relationship between new and old customers. We continue to exchange personalized service for your satisfied smile and continue to create value for you.3-Layer PPR Antibacterial Pipe manufacturers website:http://www.yahongpipe.com/