Hydraulic Swivel Joint manufacturers

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Hydraulic Swivel Joint manufacturers Mini Excavator Hydraulic Swivel Joint 聽 Introduction 聽 Mini Excavator hydraulic swivel joint connects the lower and upper hydraulics of the machine through a center shaft and an outside housing. By using holes bored into the center shaft, the swivel directs fluid to specific channels (or inner barrels) created by the shaft and the housing. This design allows hydraulic fluid to flow from the center shaft, through the inner barrels, and in or out of a specific hole in the housing. A bearing (or multiple bearings) allows the shaft to spin freely from the housing and seals at each end of the inner barrels contain the hydraulic fluid. 聽 Since the center shaft can move independently of the housing without impeding the flow of the hydraulic fluid, the lower and upper halves of the excavator are able to rotate in both directions and even multiple times around the center point of the swivel under the power of the hydraulic system. 聽 Function 聽 The central rotary joint is generally connected with a flange on the shell, which is fixed to the center of the rotary bearing. The shell is connected onto the upper pipe, and the mandrel is connected onto the lower pipe. 聽 During working, the body and core shaft rotate in opposite direction. Because of the design of circular oil passage in the body, it is able to rotate at any angle and maintain the connection between the oil passages of body and core shaft to achieve continuous rotation. 聽 Application 聽 Mini Excavator 1 to 3 tons; Truck Mounted Crane 1 to 3 tons. 聽聽Hydraulic Swivel Joint manufacturers website:http://www.yikde.com/excavator-hydraulic/hydraulic-swivel-joint/