China Trailer Attachment suppliers

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China Trailer Attachment suppliersChina Trailer Attachment suppliers

China Trailer Attachment suppliers Title: Trailer Trailer Accessories Air Tank Product description: The air storage tank is divided into large capacity and small capacity. The air tank for trailers. The basic specifications of the air storage tank are: 30L, 40L, 50L. And the welding is stronger. 2. Both the circular seam and the straight seam of the gas storage cylinder adopt carbon dioxide gas shielded automatic welding, which is not only firmly welded, but also beautiful and clean. 3. After acid cleaning and phosphating, the inside and outside of the cylinder body of the gas storage cylinder adopts the electrophoretic coating process. The appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the interior of the cylinder body is not easy to rust, which solves the problem that the inner cavity of the old process is easy to rust, causing the rust to damage the valve. Such as the blockage of the air pipe and the brake failure. And can be manufactured and processed according to customer samples or drawings. Packing details: wooden case, container shipping Delivery Details: Within 7 days after receipt of payment. QA: 1. What is the function of the air tank on the trailer The trailers are all air-cut brakes, and an air storage tank must be installed to store the gas, so as to avoid insufficient air pressure after parking and unable to drive. 2. Can the one-way valve of the trailer air tank be omitted? No, the one-way valve of the gas storage tank is used to release the excess gas in the gas cylinder for decompression and exhaust. If not, the gas cylinder cannot withstand the overloaded air pressure and will explode. 3. What is the effect of low air pressure in the trailer air tank? During use, the air pressure in the trailer air tank must be guaranteed to be above 490kPa 卤 19.6kPa. If the pressure of the air reservoir is too low, the pressure entering the brake air chamber of the trailer will also be too low, resulting in the reduction of the force of the brake shoe pressing against the brake drum and the ineffective braking. Sales Manager: Alice Ma Whatsapp/WeChat/Phone Number: +86 13287219099 Made in Yahua, Trailer Suspension, Trailer Parts, Trailer Support, Price, On Sale, High Quality Raw MaterialsChina Trailer Attachment suppliers website: