There is no trace of snow

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Ding Jie immediately interrupted him: "Please go straight to the point. What's the matter with me?" Fang Yulin smiled,

Both of them stopped talking. After a while, the father asked, "What do you feel from Zhou Mi?" The daughter said, "That's the main reason why I have to hide and think about it these two days.". I carefully reviewed the process of these days with Zhou Mi, but after thinking about it, my mind is still a pot of paste. I didn't realize he was.. There is nothing suspicious about him. The only thing.. Father is busy ask: "What is only?" The daughter said, "I don't know what's going on with him.". You say he doesn't like me. He always finds a reason to ask me out every three or five times. When you are with him, his whole expression, posture and movement reveal such a message, which makes you feel that he is caring for you wholeheartedly. This kind of care can really be said to be all-inclusive and meticulous. It's a kind of.. Dad, I told you not to be angry. It is a kind of love that can not be felt in other love, including the love of parents. It is a kind of attention and love that can really melt you. Even I have never received the kind of love in my relationship with Fang Yulin for so many years. But I don't understand.. He And that's it. He asked me out again and again, eating, talking, that's all.. "What else do you want him to do?" Asked the father. Daughter blushed: "Dad, where do you want to go?" " The father said, "It's good that he showed his heart to you."! At this stage, in his capacity, of course, he can only do this step. The daughter said, "No, he makes me feel that he can't really love me. He wants to love me very much, but he can't really love me.". There is an insurmountable obstacle. The father said, "Don't talk nonsense. He was married and had children. What's the obstacle?". Is he still involved with you for such a long time with that obstacle? The face of the daughter is bright red again: "Where do you want to go again!"! The obstacle I'm talking about is.. He seems to have a very serious psychological and spiritual aspect. Or something else, in short,Alumina Ceramic C795, there is an invisible barrier between me and him in this respect. And it's insurmountable. I don't know. I thought about all kinds of reasons, and it seemed that I couldn't stand it. I even thought, did he encounter great difficulties in his work? Did someone in the leading group get in his way? Nothing! I am engaged in journalism, and I often contact leaders at all levels. All the reactions I heard were favorable to him. So what else is he depressed about? Father is stupefied: "Melancholy?"? You think he's blue? Daughter immediately confirmed: "Yes, that's what I can say clearly. Every time I can feel his vague, but powerful and omnipresent melancholy.." Sometimes he even made me feel that his whole person seemed to be shrouded in such a melancholy fog. The father was silent and stared at his daughter very carefully, looking and thinking carefully. Passed quite a long while, he just said two words with deep eyes: "Strange..." Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Fang Yulin. He wanted to see Ding Jie. At the moment? Asked the father. At the moment. Ding Jie answered. It's up to you. Said the father. Ding Jie nodded and then shouted into the phone, "Fang Yulin, you didn't expect to see me for a hundred years. You suddenly wanted to see me, but you didn't look at the time and place, and you had to see me.". What do you think I'm doing here? Is it the teahouse run by your Fang family? Hotel? Hotel? You can come and go as you like? I'm sorry, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Band Heater, Miss Ben is not here today. With that, he hung up the phone with a bang. But then the phone started ringing again. As soon as Ding Jie picked up the phone angrily, she shouted, "Fang Yulin, this is not the detention center of your public security Bureau. You, Fang Yulin, can't do whatever you want!"! I'm telling you, I just can't see you today. Even if you say you're going to break the sky, you won't see it! Said to hang up again. Fang Yulin, who knew her temper, shouted first: "Don't hang up!"! Comrade Ding Jie, please go to the balcony and have a look. I am talking to you with my mobile phone at the door of your house. I come to you now, entirely because of the need for work, there is an urgent matter, please take the overall situation into account! Ding Jie walked hesitantly to the French window of the balcony and looked out. Sure enough, outside the big iron gate, in the howling wind and snow, on the quiet square brick pavement, it was the other side of the rainforest that stood. He was raising his head and gazing expectantly at every bright window in the small building. Ding Jie had no choice but to let Fang Yulin into the house, but as soon as Fang Yulin sat down, he asked bluntly, "Come on, what's the matter with me?" Fang Yulin said, "I haven't come to see you for a long time." Ding Jie immediately interrupted him: "Please go straight to the point. What's the matter with me?" Fang Yulin smiled, looked around and said, "Give me a cup of hot tea to warm my hands.." As he spoke, Mother Ding brought over a cup of hot tea. Ding Jie and Fang Yulin stood up hurriedly. "Thank you, Auntie," said Fang Yulin. Ding Jie says: "Mom, you sleep yours." Mother Ding asked Fang Yulin with a gentle smile, "Are you very busy this time?" Fang Yulin stood up again and answered, "Yes.". The incidence of crime has been high, quite scratching my head. "Mother Ding made a generous gesture and asked him to sit down and talk." Haven't you come to see our Ding Jie for a long time? "Yes." Fang Yulin answered. Ding Jie is impatient: "Mom!" Mother Ding could only say, "You talk, you talk.". There is fresh milk in the refrigerator, as well as the Daoxiangcun Steamed Glutinous Rice with Eight Treasures brought from Shanghai last time by Gao, the chief of staff of the Nanjing Military Region. If you're hungry, take two pieces and put them in the microwave for two or three minutes. At this point, seeing that Jie's face was even worse, he quickly stopped talking, waved to Fang Yulin, and went back to his room. Two people sat silently for a while,steatite c221, Fang Yulin asked for a while: "How is your father's health?" A little while ask again: "Is this paragraph of time on business trip?" Ding Jieqiang said patiently, "Fang Yulin, are you here to visit the poor or something?" 。