Emperor tyrant

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The loud noise of "Boom--" moved heaven and earth, and the Thirteen Life Palaces, which guarded the entire heavenly spirit world, rotated.

At this moment, Shen Mengtian came out of the bright moon. It was incredible that Shen Mengtian looked more than forty years old and did not look old at all. At this time, Shen Mengtian did not exude an earth-shaking momentum, on the contrary, he restrained the earth-shaking momentum, and the whole person looked very elegant. But, even though he looks very elegant, but, between the behavior, still has the domineering above all living beings, it seems that he is the Lord of the gods, he is destined to be high above. Didn't you say that Shenmengtian was going to die? Why can't you see that he looks like he's going to die? He looks very young. He's in the prime of life. "See God dream day, let a lot of people for it exception, not surprised to say." It's just a skin. A great man of the older generation shook his head gently and said, "When you are strong to a certain extent, open the eye of heaven, and you will find that under the skin of God's dream heaven, the blood is dried up and the divinity is dispersed.". Like his realm, it is not difficult to maintain the skin, but it is still unable to hide the true nature of his blood gas failure. Hearing the elder's advice, the younger generation realized that even if he opened his eyes, he could not see why, because his realm had not yet been reached. "Buzz" sounded,ceramic bobbin heater core, at this time, every strong legion of Mengzhentian was illuminated by the sky, and they gathered a ray of light, which instantly shone on the cliff of Suichen, where a door was formed in an instant. Then a "hum" sounded, the God dream day and the entire legion disappeared in an instant, in the next moment, they have appeared in the broken cliff. Everyone was stunned to see such a scene,ceramic igniter electrodes, because no one had ever seen such a transmission, but also to transmit the entire legion in one breath. Shen Mengtian is Shen Mengtian. Seeing such a scene, even the peerless ancestor of the Charm Clan had to admit that: "He has indeed practiced the Charm's Amaterasu to the limit, and he can play at will." Seeing such a scene, many of the strong charms in the celestial spirit world are envious of it, because the whole celestial spirit world is the best at Tianzhao in such a school as Shenmengtian. As for Shenmengtian himself, he has practiced Tianzhao to the limit. God dream day and dark ancestor king all bring legion to come, this is to make up for their own blood gas, if God dream day they do not lack blood gas, Li Qiye can hold up? Many people began to worry. Before that, everyone felt that Li Qiye's greatest advantage was that he was young and vigorous. After all, Li Qiye's age was longer than that of Shenmengtian and Diablo Zu Wang. In other words, Li Qiye can drag them to death even if he can't kill them. Now see God dream day they all bring legion to come, this makes a lot of people can't help worrying about Li Qiye. For mobile phone users, please visit the mobile phone website.gqionglongqi. Chapter 1513 I am the only one in eternity. ? The Dark Ancestor Shen Mengtian all arrived at Suichen Cliff. At this time, everyone held their breath and waited for their departure. Has Li Qiye come yet? After arriving at Suichen Cliff, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Shen Mengtian looked down on heaven and earth. What's the hurry? Isn't this coming? Just after Shenmeng Tianhua fell, Li Qiye's lazy voice sounded. With a loud bang, Li Qiye had not yet appeared, and the Thirteen Life Palace rose into the sky. In that instant, the Thirteen Life Palace was magnified infinitely. In the blink of an eye, the Thirteenth Life Palace guarded the nine days and ten places of the heavenly spirit world. At this moment, all the people in the heavenly spirit world have an absurd feeling that the whole heavenly spirit world is guarded by the Thirteen Life Palace. It seems that this day the heavenly spirit world seems to be a cage, and the person who dominates this cage is Li Qiye. The Thirteen Life Palace guards nine days and ten places. With the infinite enlargement of the Thirteen Life Palace, each life palace is like a huge city. In such a huge city, golden light, in the golden light, emerged a figure, it seems that each ray of golden light is condensed into a God. With a loud bang, Li Qiye finally appeared, sitting on the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War. With a roar of "roar", a huge unicorn pulled the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War and ran wildly. Then, the tiger roared into the sky. After the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War, there was a white tiger. The sound of dragon singing shakes nine days, the real dragon circles on the right, accompanied by the sound of phoenix singing, the phoenix flies on the left, guarding the road. Sitting on the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War, Emperor Su Yong personally held the whip and drove the chariot for Li Qiye. At this time, even if she is Li Qiye's nominal master, she is willing to drive for Li Qiye! The loud noise of "Boom--" moved heaven and earth, and the Thirteen Life Palaces, which guarded the entire heavenly spirit world, rotated. A supreme deity fell to the ground, and a deity slowly held up his hands. A golden light Shinto extended on the palms of a deity. Between his eyes, the supreme golden light Shinto crossed from the sea to the Suichen Cliff, and the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War rolled over the supreme golden light Shinto. The gods asked the way, and the devils of the heavens bowed down to the ground, trembling, and did not even dare to move! At this moment, Li Qiye's divine power crushed nine days and ten places. He sat on the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War. Although the whole person was very ordinary and did not emit an invincible breath, his thirteen life palaces already represented everything. At this time of Li Qiye, he is the ruler of the nine realms, the master of all ages, he is above the gods, he is above the emperors, heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, must kneel down at his feet! See such a scene, shocked the whole world, whether you are dust-laden millions of years of ancestors, or once an era of invincibility, were shocked to speak. Under such a supreme battle, I don't know how many people can't help kneeling on the ground, just like meeting an immortal emperor, very pious, very respectful! 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