Infinite seckill of online games

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the blood volume suddenly went to the end. Later, a deep blood stain appeared on the neck of the cappuccino,

Grade: Platinum Equipment Type: Staff Service Level: 140 Base properties: Magic Attack Power: 2350 ~ 3600 Additional Points: Intelligence + 1100 Constitution + 625 Agile + 625 Seal hole: 4 This time, it is definitely a drop that breaks the conventional theory. Love Qiuyu's face blushed, "Xiao Fei, I'm sorry, I worked hard for you in the early morning." I snorted, "Hypocritical sister, don't do that. I've seen through you." "Don't be angry, we will be very gentle." As soon as the voice fell, I squatted down and began to pick up the goose bumps falling from the ground, which was said to be a very good leather armor material. The ownership of the staff is also relatively clear, although not unsealed, but the ice feather worry-free has said to give up this staff, because she really likes the redemption of the Sharda in her hand, that is the standard can not be in the standard priest staff. Therefore, the staff was temporarily handed over to Quan Jin for safekeeping, and the level of the little girl is now very close to 140. However, unsealing has become a problem, because the door of Razor Castle has been unable to open, and love autumn rain alone is also afraid of their RP is too bad, the hard-won staff out of the garbage attribute. So,cordierite c520, after the little girl hesitated for a long time, she decided to unseal herself. Under the gaze of our several pairs of eyes, Quan Jin wasted the first unsealing hole, and the attributes that jumped out made everyone sigh, "Oh, go on." The spring hibiscus is at a loss, patted the second attribute also to reveal. "Oh, go on." So and so,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, so and so, after scrapping 41 unsealing stones, all four sealing holes were unsealed. Quan Jin looked at me and asked, "Brother, what is this?" I pressed my middle finger to my mouth. "Shh, don't tell Luoluo about this. She'll go on a rampage." Love alone Qiuyu sighed, "Alas, God's will makes people." The reason why people have such comments is not because Quan Jin's way of unsealing is too bad, but on the contrary, this time she made a move that completely robbed Luo Lan's rice bowl. [Gero's Will] Grade: Platinum Equipment Type: Staff Service Level: 140 Base properties: Magic Attack Power: 2350 ~ 3600 Additional Points: Intelligence + 1100 Constitution + 625 Agile + 625 Unseal attributes: Blood volume + 1800 Magic hit rate + 4% Magic hit rate + 4% Increases the effect of the skill by 10% when using a dark skill. …… It is also an extremely rare weapon with a double magic rate, which can be said to be an upgraded version of the Queen's Staff of Blood Ants. Moreover, 1800 points of blood volume is also very important for Quan Jin. After all, she is a full-constitution plus point. As for the addition of dark skills, ha ha, ceramic welding tape ,alumina c799, Quan Jin's war dance is originally a dark skill. The 10% effect bonus can only be described as perfect. Anyway, this weapon is specially tailored for her. I asked, "Quan Quan, how many percentage points are you short of level 140?" Quan Jin said, "There are still 35%, brother, can I rush to this level before I see the final BOSS?" I nodded, "the problem is not very big, sister, pepper, you are temporarily divided into a group, I have to take the spring alone to rush up the level." Two people said no problem, everyone is very clear, we have cleared the first layer, the second layer above only a handful of twenty or thirty red points, after they are done, we will directly face the final BOSS, presumably the final BOSS grade will not be lower than the two BOSS we killed before, so Quan Jin can rush to level 140. Equipped with this staff means a lot to us, even at the critical moment, the war dance skill can save the whole team. So we went up the stairs. However, strange things have also appeared. I am more alert, as we climb the wooden stairs leading to the second floor, I have felt a strange wind around me, I subconsciously flashed back a step, only to feel a burning pain in my neck, the blood volume has dropped 130 thousand. "Ding Dong" system prompt: "You have been attacked by the Sickle Wanderer's [Vital Pick and Kill] skill." "Ding Dong" system prompt: "Sickle Devil Wanderer has used the [escape] skill, and its location cannot be locked at present." Although the eye of the dragon is a skill that can see through invisibility, I can't see it when the other side uses this damaged skill. Moreover, the body of the creature attacking me is more transparent than the minions of the Earth Magic Star, and it's almost impossible to see it with the naked eye. Suddenly I had a premonition that things were in trouble. But at this moment, my side, the small pepper suddenly stuffy snorted, silently fell to the ground, the blood volume suddenly went to the end. Later, a deep blood stain appeared on the neck of the cappuccino, and once again a number full of blood appeared on the top of his head. “247758” I was furious, and my fist fell on the floor. For a moment, the heavy color of the fire knocked four unknown objects into the air. The Eye of the Dragon read out all their attributes at once. [Sickle Wanderer] Grade: World-class quasi-BOSS Rating: 170 Blood volume: 9000000 Physical Attack Power: 75000 ~ 78000 Physical Defense: 35000. Magic Defense: 30000 Skills: escape, vital pick and kill Introduction to BOSS: Is the Sickle Devil Wanderer the Earth Devil Star? The Assassination Team of Given's Elite Troops They are active in the night, specifically for the Demon Star? Given got rid of the leader of his rival's legion. They are quick and cunning, and have made a lot of contributions to the Earth Magic Star, assassinating many heroic missions of the righteous race. …… This kind of sickle demon is more alternative, attack power is very high, and the upper and lower limits do not fluctuate much,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, but the amount of blood and defense is very rubbish. Of course, system programmers will not do too much. If such a strange monster can have 20 million blood like the minions of the Earth Demon Star, then we simply tear back the city roll collectively.