After I dumped the villain,

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Yue Wanjun rolled her eyes and fainted. Su Mian all over is cold sweat, gawking at Luo Hansheng,

"Mu Shao, you are also a wood power, please help me to cure it, I really want to die." Yue Wanjun's expression was distorted for a moment, and she turned to beg for her return. Mu Gui shook his head and said with a sigh, "I'm sorry. My wood power is killing, not healing. I have painkillers here. If you have a bad pain, take one." Painkillers are also in short supply in the last days. Su Mian saw Yue Wanjun swallow painkillers, frowned, I do not know why there is always a sense of foreboding. Boss, the business district square is ahead. Luo Wu reminded in a deep voice. Heavy trucks entered the business circle in the north of the city. Luo Hansheng nodded his head. I'll clear the way with Feng Ji later to clean up the elemental beasts in the streets and shopping malls. Mu Shao and Xiao Qi, you protect Baixi and enter the supermarket to search for supplies. Food is the first, medicine is the second, and clothes and daily necessities are the third. Su Mian, you follow the boss, looking for the ice elemental beast, where there is danger at any time to support. Luo Hansheng is aloof and aloof, and likes to come and go alone, so all the operations of the base are under the command of Luo Wu's deployment. Luo Wu's distribution was reasonable, and combined with the strengths of everyone's powers, everyone nodded and obeyed. Feng Ji parked the truck on the main road, Luo Wu opened the door, killed the elemental beast on the roof,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and everyone began to enter the combat zone. Su Mian did not want to follow Luo Hansheng. The same is the third-level power, her main healing combat effectiveness is obviously much worse than Mu Gui's killing power, they have to protect a white stream, Luo Wu arranged her to follow Luo Hansheng, can protect the strong main force, and can be protected by Luo Hansheng, is the best arrangement. Seeing that everyone got out of the car and acted separately, Luo Hansheng remained motionless. Su Mian could not help being a little anxious and asked, "Don't we go down to support?" Luo Hansheng took one look at her and said slowly,ceramic bobbin heater, "Don't worry. The Ice Elemental Beast is not here." The man's line of sight falls on Yue Wanjun body, Yue Wanjun inexplicably hit a shiver, wish to drill oneself into the crack in the ground. You said you knew Sumian's secret, huh? The man spoke in a low voice, and his eyes were filled with the pressure of terror. Su Mian was startled. Yue Wanjun was so frightened that her lips turned white. She trembled and said, "Luo Shao, didn't you say you would go back to the base?" "I agree?" Luo Hansheng raised the corner of his eyes and smiled, his smile penetrating to the bone. "Say." Yue Wanjun's face was ashen. He just didn't want more people to know the secret of Su Mian, so he didn't ask. Now everyone went down to search for supplies, and she couldn't hide. The atmosphere inside the truck is very deadlocked. Su Mian turned pale and said in a low voice, "She's talking nonsense. She doesn't know my secret at all. Luo Hansheng, we should get off." "I know." Yue Wanjun looked at Su Mian, eyes flashed a trace of madness, pull down the big lie, "in fact, my power of awakening in the end of the world is not wind control, 7g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but a prophetic dream, I can dream of the future, the future of all people, including you, and Su Mian.". I see the future of you and Sumian. Su Mian's body was stiff, her eyes flashed a trace of shock, and she looked at Yue Wanjun incredibly. Luo Hansheng's expression was dignified. He stared at Yue Wanjun coldly and said word by word: "Say." Yue Wanjun opened her eyes wide and said eerily, "Luo Shao, you are indeed the most powerful power in the end of the world, but you believe in people by mistake. The cold knife will stab you in the heart. Even if you are a strong man of level seven, you will not survive.". As soon as you died, the Qin family and the Feng family joined hands to annex the last Dynasty you established. It was she who killed you with her own hands. Yue Wanjun pointed to Su Mian in a shrill voice, with fear and a trace of excitement in her eyes. In her dream, Su Mian killed Luo Hansheng. Whether Luo Hansheng believed it or not, the two of them would never be sweet. Su Mian's face suddenly turned pale, how could Yue Wanjun know? Is this life still the same result? Or did she see a past life? Did Luo Hansheng really die in his previous life? The man's deep line of sight fell on Su Mian's face, did not let go of her any subtle expression, see Su Mian is more frightened than surprised, almost corroborated Yue Wanjun's words. Luo Hansheng's pale and beautiful face showed a bit of deep thinking. It turned out that the woman who appeared in the dream was really Su Mian, and the ending of the dream was really not very good. Su Xiaomian is worthy of the woman he likes, enough ruthless, to their own men are under the hands. "So you have something against me?" Luo Hansheng looked at Su Mian inscrutably. Is he not good enough? Not strong enough? Not handsome enough? So Su Xiaomian wants to abandon him, huh? Can't he change it? Su Mian was so frightened that her heart almost stopped. She stammered, "Yue, Yue Wanjun, it's just nonsense. If Luo Shao doesn't believe me, I can.." She had no way to swear, nor could she make any guarantee that what Yue Wanjun said was true. Luo Shao, she will destroy you, destroy you. Yue Wanjun laughed crazily. "Kill her, kill her." As soon as the man's eyes flashed cold, he looked coldly at the crazy Yue Wanjun and shouted, "Noisy." As if someone had pinched her heart, Yue Wanjun rolled her eyes and fainted. Su Mian all over is cold sweat, gawking at Luo Hansheng, Luo Hansheng will not move to kill the heart? Should she leave with her grandmother? But the world is big, where can she go? Grandma is too old to withstand the long journey of high temperature. Seeing that she was so frightened that her eyes were a little free, the man raised his lips anxiously, stretched out his hand to hold her little hand, and said heavily, "Get out of the car. We'll go back and calculate this account." As for how to calculate, he has the final say. Su Mian's face suddenly changed, unable to guess Luo Hansheng's mind, nervously followed him, saw him holding his hand, endure and endure, or did not have the courage to provoke him, afraid that he would immediately freeze her first and then roast her. In his previous life, Luo Hansheng's mind was very deep. In this life, he became more unfathomable and dangerous. Su Mian's heart was slightly cool and he prepared for the worst. North of the city business square is relatively concentrated, Luo Wu and Feng Ji cleared the nearby elemental beast,ceramic bobbin element, entered the drugstore and began to search for supplies. Because the disaster came too suddenly, there are still a lot of supplies in the mall that have not been taken away in time, Bai Xi and Mu Gui went to the supermarket on the negative first floor.