The cocoon of rebirth

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she would quarrel with her for a little thing. She also thought about divorce, but she gave up after probing her daughter

Looking at the two people Xiao Ling trembled with anger, not only because of Xiao Wen and Liu Jie's intimacy, but also because the car or Wang Zhi went out for Xiao Wen. Convenient and dignified to buy it with their own private house. Although it is not a good car to buy, it is not easy for Wang Zhi. But now Xiao Wen actually uses it in another. A woman who seemed to be confused with him really made Xiao Ling angry to death. Just now Xiao Ling almost rushed up and slapped each of them, but fortunately she was not really only 16 years old. Not to mention what I saw just now. Show that they really have an affair, Xiao Ling is still young and weak, when the time comes to be beaten up. In fact, Xiao Ling did not want to believe that her father Xiao Wen would really have an affair, just like before, she often found all kinds of excuses for her father. But now, honey Eyes saw, angry and feel very sad, feel that before their own too silly too easy to trust people. Xiao Ling immediately dialed Xiao Wen's phone, and soon the phone was connected: "Hello, Xiao Ling, what's the matter?" "Dad, where are you now?" Xiao Ling's tone was calm. I'm at the construction site. You don't know how much trouble this decoration customer has. He's not satisfied here and there for a while. It's really annoying. Xiao Wen lied without a pause. Mom asked me to ask if you would come home for dinner tonight. Would you like to come back for dinner? I won't come back for dinner today. The customers here are very troublesome and may come home late. "Is it?"? That's it. I'm hanging up. Xiao Ling looked at the mobile phone to show that the call has ended sneer unceasingly, some men are really not things, said with open eyes. Nonsense. Although the heart kept cursing the two people who had gone away,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Xiao Ling's tears could not stop flowing down, after all, there was still a lot to see and hear with her own eyes. Difference. She didn't know how to tell her mother. Maybe she already knew. Many people in the street had already cast their eyes on Xiao Ling, who was crying alone. Xiao Ling wiped away her tears and made up her mind, whether her mother knew or not. What kind of reaction she will have, she must say everything she sees. She could no longer bear her mother being cheated, and the lessons she had learned before had taught her this. The matter should be solved as soon as possible,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, otherwise the unprepared party will always suffer losses in the back. Chapter IV Women's Helplessness Updated February 27, 2010 11:10:42 Words: 2195 Wang Zhi had something on her mind recently, and she felt vaguely that her husband seemed to have another woman outside. As the saying goes, if a cat doesn't cheat, it's unavoidable for a man to have some social intercourse outside. But now things are different. Since her husband Xiao Wen gave up his job in the factory and began to contract for others to decorate the house, the whole person has been slowly. There has been a change. She and Xiao Wen just married that year, the family is not rich, Xiao Wen is the eldest in the family, there are several brothers below. When I was newly married, I didn't even have a house. Rented a cabin outside. I still remember that although the cabin was very small, the kitchen and bathroom were shared with others, but it was very warm. After her daughter Xiao Ling was born, she didn't have her own room until she was 8 years old. At that time, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, she and Xiao Wen almost spent all their savings and borrowed some money from relatives and friends. Bought the present home. When her daughter was 12 years old, Xiao Wen decided to go into business as a self-employed person, and she also used her savings as the principal of Xiao Wen's business. 4 Years later, the family's conditions are getting better and better, Xiao Wen's business is booming, and her own work is fairly good. Nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory. I finally feel that the bitter days are over, but I find that my husband's heart is getting farther and farther away from me. Although in the last year or two However, as she and her husband became busier and busier, there was less communication between them, but there was no major problem. Sometimes I smell the strange fragrance of my husband. Nothing could be done but bitterness in her heart, and she had always believed that her husband's love was always for the family with his wife and daughter. But in the last few months, I don't know why she felt that her husband was alienating her. He came home later and later, and sometimes even said that he would not return to work in other places. Home. Wang Zhi gradually realized that the matter had become serious, because her husband began to perfunctory about the obligations between husband and wife, or it was better to use the excuse that he was too tired to work. Good rest. A man's physical derailment may be due to lack of control over the primal desire of humanity itself, but a man's mental derailment is that he has moved on. Don't fall in love. Physical derailment is not terrible, but mental derailment is terrible. Although some people say that if you can't keep a man's heart, it's good to keep a man's body. But now she feels. Not only did her husband's heart seem to have gone, but her body was almost gone. It's not that she didn't try to change. She also talked to her husband about whether there was any problem between them, but her husband gave only one answer, that is, no problem. Sometimes she felt that this kind of cold violence made people feel desperate, her husband began to speak coldly to her, and when her daughter was not there, she would quarrel with her for a little thing. She also thought about divorce, but she gave up after probing her daughter several times. The daughter insisted that she did not like divorced families, saying that the children of single parents. Very poor. She thought about it for the sake of her daughter, after all, she did not want her daughter to be hurt, but also felt that perhaps her husband was just a moment of confusion, and soon got better. Yes. Therefore, she cares about her husband's daily life as much as possible, takes care of his daily life, and tries not to distract her working husband. Xiao Ling is a very direct person, since decided to tell the truth to her mother, then she will not regret. In the evening, mother and daughter sat together watching TV: Are men all fickle in love and use the lower half of their minds to think? While eating melon seeds, Wang Zhi answered absentmindedly: "Not necessarily, after all, most men are still very good, many good men,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, bad men are not." many "Is Dad a good man or a bad man?" When Wang Zhi heard this, he paused with melon seeds in his hand, and then went on to knock: "Why do you ask that?"? The good and the bad in this world can not be said in a few simple words.