Paranoid infatuation

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d sleep well every day, and makes all kinds of sweets he likes. Even after three years, she could at most control hers

In the past few years, he didn't care about life at all. Every day, except for class and work, he missed her when he was tired. He didn't have any other thoughts. Sometimes he was so hungry that he had a stomachache, or Yue Xianting forced him to bring in food. He would eat. He was so tired that he couldn't open his eyes. He slept for a few hours. Occasionally, he had a severe headache and a cold sweat. He prepared painkillers and tranquilizers in the office and used them. Can sleep, dream, sometimes, will see her. He felt that his hair was too long to get in the way, so he cut it at random with scissors and made it short. Anyway, he never cared what he looked like. Seeing him spoil himself like this, Yue Xianting really couldn't bear to look at him, but he didn't dare to say anything. He could only let it go. But, finally, after the date of returning to Ann was set, he remembered that Ann Yang used to like rubbing his hair, and even said that his hair felt very comfortable, and she liked it very much. As a result, he deliberately did not cut his hair for a period of time, leaving it the same length as before, neither long nor short, and the end of his hair was just up to his neck. For three years, his shampoo and shower gel had not even been changed, and he still used the brand and taste that Anyang had chosen for him before. He just wanted to try his best to make her like himself a little more likely. The young man hugged her tightly, as if he didn't want her to see his appearance, panting a little messy, burying his head in her neck,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, especially sentimentally attached, almost greedy to absorb her temperature and breath. And before, in memory, she tried her best to forget someone in the past few years, the same action. Anyang's struggling movements slowed down. Struggling, she took out her cell phone from her bag and turned on the light to illuminate the man's face behind her. Because of the sudden light, he was not used to it and narrowed his eyes slightly. As the light moved closer, it showed the young man's thin and sharp jaw, pale complexion, pale red thin lips,mirror stainless steel sheet, tight, long eyelashes flashed by, soft hair rubbed against her neck, and there was a familiar, strange, cool and clean smell of mint. An Yang has not seen his whole face, the mobile phone light has been pressed out, the field of vision has returned to a dark. Only then did he finally feel at ease and bury his head in her neck again, rubbing it gently, with endless attachment. The burning breath of the young man fell on her neck, for a while, arousing a burst of unspeakable numbness. He took her, petite and exquisite, firmly into his arms from behind, almost crushing her. An'an His Ann. See you again after three years. The author has something to say: Hey, burning back ~ Fulfill the contract to find a wife thousands of miles away to Liao ~ Chapter 66 The girl in his arms has not spoken, held by him, but the body is a little stiff, for a long time, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, she did not look back, whispered, "I want to go home." The voice was very light, very light, but he could detect that it was different from the tone in which Anyang had spoken to him a few years ago. She always spoke softly to people, rarely loudly, but when she spoke to him, her voice was smiling, especially when she loved him and called his name, sweet and soft, and he loved her so much that he could not hear enough. And now, the tone is flat and distant, very polite, almost like talking to a stranger who has nothing to do with me. In the past three years, his ability to read people's emotions has improved a lot, and now, naturally, he can feel that she has changed. She treats him like a stranger, even more alienated than when they first met, and even with shallow precautions. Did An Wenyuan go back on his word and tell her everything about him? She's really starting to hate him now. Even though he had thought about this situation countless times in three years, when he really faced it, he felt cold all over, as if, from his fingertips to the depths of his soul, the whole person could not help falling into despair. Feeling the strength of his fingers loosening, Anyang quickly pulled away from his arms. She was not used to being so close to him. She pursed her lips and retreated until she was some distance away. Her back was pressed against the door. She felt the cold key in her bag and held it tightly in her hand. The edges and corners hurt her palm. She loved that boy so much at that time. During the three years of separation, even though she missed him so much that she couldn't sleep, she woke up crying in the middle of the night, and now she suffers from moderate insomnia. She even wanted to hate him for some time. She hated him for appearing in her life like this, making her fall in love with him, and then suddenly left without saying goodbye. However, she found that for the original burning, she simply can not afford this kind of heart, no matter how to think about it can not hate. Even sometimes when she can't sleep at night, she worries about whether she can take good care of herself without her, whether someone supervises him to eat and sleep well every day, and makes all kinds of sweets he likes. Even after three years, she could at most control herself and stop loving him so much. It's evening now. An Yang did not open the door, nor did he look back at him, his voice was very flat. The corridor was dark, and she could not see the original burning expression clearly, which added a lot of courage to her, otherwise, she was afraid that she would collapse at the first sight of him. I live alone. She said, "I'm sorry, it's not convenient for you to go in at night." In the darkness, he stood quietly and did not speak, as if the whole person had fallen into the darkness. An Yang hardened his heart, entered the door, and quickly packed up a few clothes and toiletries. Lin Yan had already driven downstairs and called, "Soft, have you packed up?" An Yang heard his calm voice, "I'll come down right away, please." She opened the door again, and when she came out, she saw the slender figure of the man, standing motionless and silent with his back to the moonlight. An Yang said softly, "You go, we have nothing to say." She paused,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, her voice a little astringent. "I was very happy with you before. Thank you for that time." He felt his soul go cold inch by inch, and his voice was a little hoarse. Can't make you happy now? When she learned of his terrible illness, did she dislike him and dislike him now? An Yang was silent and did not answer. He turned and went downstairs. "I have something to do in the evening." 。