Oriental Jade Fan Childe

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We have to pretend to be a newcomer in Jianghu When you go to visit the Chief Escort, you should also express you

I could hear it clearly, not to mention that no matter how thick the board was, it was only separated by a layer of wood, although the two men in the next room spoke very well. Light, but still clear to the ear. Zhuo Yunhe's voice said, "He calls himself elder brother to everyone. He's not just talking to me. What's suspicious?" Yes? Xue Mulan said, "This man is very good at martial arts. Let's not talk about him. We took a car all the way, but he didn't take a car. We met him." Once by chance, but he and we live in the same guest room in Qimen, in Dongliu, we go to the restaurant, he also came, today crossing the river. And the same ferry boat, is there such a coincidence in the world? Ding Jiannan secretly said in his heart that they were talking about a thin old man. "What do you think, Second Elder Martial Brother?" Asked Zhuo Yunhe? Is he coming for us? "He's either coming for us or for Brother Ding," said Xue Mulan. "This woman is really very powerful," said Ding Jiannan? Zhuo Yunhe said, "I think Brother Ding is the same as us. It's the first time we've met him. We don't know each other." "You're right," said Xue Mulan. "That's why he's following us. Hum, even if he's good at martial arts, he really dares to follow us. Trace, as long as you enter the Fairy Rock, you are not afraid that he will fly to the sky. "Listen to her tone," said Ding Jiannan in his heart, "it seems that Fan Xian Yan is very powerful!"! Zhuo Yunhe added, "What do you say, Second Elder Martial Brother and Brother Ding?" Ding Jiannan listened to their conversation turn to his two heads, and naturally he had to listen more attentively. "What's the matter with you, Brother Ding?" Asked Hsueh Mu-lan. "You've mentioned this to me three times since yesterday. We have to ask the Master for instructions. We were on our way all day yesterday, and there was no one to hand out the letter. "This is not.." said Zhuo Yunhe. "You're a hothead,Magnesium Oxide MgO," said Xue Mulan. "I haven't finished yet. The two brothers Ding are really talented people who meet the standards of the master. So after I left the store, I asked them to send the post out with a flying pigeon, and there won't be an answer until tomorrow at the soonest. "Why didn't Second Elder Martial Brother tell me just now?" Zhuo Yunhe asked. "The walls have ears," said Xue Mulan. "They didn't sleep just now. Didn't I tell you now?" Zhuo Yunhe suddenly chuckled and said, "I mentioned Brother Ding to you just for the sake of the post. Just now you laughed at me. Come on, you care about brother Ding, too. Ding Jiannan blushed unconsciously. "Where did you say that?" Asked Xue Mulan. Zhuo Yunhe said, "I was ferry boat just now. It wasn't for Brother Ding. Would you have done it?" Xue Mulan dared to be told what was on her mind. "Don't talk nonsense," she said in a low voice. "Good!" "We're serious," said Zhuo Yunhe. "You said Shifu had instructed us to come down tomorrow at the earliest. They've already arrived. To the field, in case. "Well, it doesn't matter," said Xue Mulan. "Aren't they going to find the chief escort of the Escort Agency? This is their first foray into Jianghu. The Escort Agency has protected their darts. After a few years, where will people still remember? They will go tomorrow without a rebuff. Strange, so tomorrow they will not go, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, is to go, we will not retain them for another day? "If you want to keep him," said Zhuo Yunhe, "go and keep him." Xue Mulan said, "Before the master's instructions came, it was natural to ask them to stay." At this, their conversation seem to have come to an end. Ding Jiannan said to himself, It's a good thing that the thin old man stuffed this paper ball into his house. Otherwise, the two of us would have gone to the Escort Agency to look for it. Where is he? Thought in the heart, quietly get out of bed, light foot handle toward the front of the bed such as apple. Fang Ruping suddenly opened her eyes and whispered, "You.." To do.. Ding Jiannan put his hands in his mouth and didn't even dare to make a sound, so he had to say, "I heard her just now." The conversation of the children, to talk to you. "What did they say?" Fang Ruping asked, seeing that his expression did not seem to be false. Ding Jiannan sat down on her bed and told her everything he had just heard, including only their sisters. The banter was cut out. Fang Ruping nodded and said, "So it seems that they must be a mysterious place, and they are very powerful. Shifu wants me." They are walking in the south of the Yangtze River, which is probably related to them. At this point, he suddenly said thoughtfully, "Their gifts were sent out by flying pigeons. After Xue Mulan left the shop, she did not go out." Hall, then this inn is not related to them. "Yes, I remember," said Ding Jiannan. "As soon as we entered the room, I saw the figure of Xue Mulan flashing at the door. Pass. "She's probably looking for someone," said Fang Ruping. "Oh, tomorrow, we'll have to go to the Yongqing Escort Agency. The shop has something to do with them. Maybe Yongqing Escort Agency also has their people. We have to be careful when we speak. We have to pretend to be a newcomer in Jianghu When you go to visit the Chief Escort, you should also express your admiration for him. Ding Jiannan nodded: "I can say that." "Besides," said Fang Ruping, "if we go to visit people like this, as Xue Mulan said, we will certainly be rebuffed. When we came, we had to pretend to be angry to show that we were walking in Jianghu, looking for teachers and friends, but we didn't expect Jianghu people to be like this. This is vulgar. "That's very thoughtful of you.." said Ding Jiannan with a smile. Fang Ruping looked at his smiling face and knew that he was going to be dishonest again. "All right," she said, "let's talk about everything. Finished, I also want to sleep, go to sleep quickly! Their words, in order to prevent the next door to hear, are naturally "sound into the secret" conversation. Ding Jiannan stretched out his tongue at her and had to go back to his bed. One night passed. The next morning, the two of them got up very early and washed up. Next door, Xue Mulan and Zhuo Yunhe also got up. Use the same too early. Ding Nanjian stood up and said, "Two brothers, my brother and cousin are going to see a friend today." "By the way," said Zhuo Yunhe,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "I heard from Brother Fang that you two know the chief of an Escort Agency here." Ding Jiannan blushed and said, "Actually, we are not very familiar with him. Here is the Yongqing Bureau in Xiheng Street.". stargrace-magnesite.com