Ghost Castle-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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y anything about gratitude. "Old brother, little brother, I'll leave at once!" "Thank you, old brother!" "As for the

The southern beggar hesitated for a while and then said, "He may still be alive." "Maybe?" "I can only say that, because the'Poison Patriarch 'is over 100 years old. Twenty years ago, I heard that someone found this old poison living in seclusion in the'Poison Pool'.." "Poison Pool?" "You haven't heard of this place?" "No!" "This'Poison Pond 'has a radius of no more than half an acre. It is located in the Black Valley of Mt. Daliang. The water in the pond is naturally highly poisonous, and people and animals will die if they touch it a little. Even so, I, the old beggar, have never seen it with my own eyes. What is the truth? I don't think so!" Han Shangzhi said in horror, "Even if the Poison Patriarch is invulnerable to all poisons, can't he live in the pool?" "Someone saw him go into the pool and didn't. What's the matter? I can't answer you." "There is a'Poison King Yu Hua 'in Jianghu. I wonder if he is a descendant of the'Poison Patriarch'?" "No!" "No?" "Yu Hua turned out to be a nobody in Jianghu. Twenty years ago, he got a Poison Sutra somewhere and won the title of Poison King. Although he was named Poison King, after he became famous, there was no great evil." "He has joined the Tianqi Sect!" "This is not surprising. The Lord of the Tianqi Sect wants to fulfill his ambition to reign over the world. He will try his best to enlist the three mountains and five talented people to enrich his strength. At present, in addition to the major sects in the martial arts world, only the only one that has not been annexed by the sect is this gang!" Han Shangzhi sneered and said, "The end of the Tianqi Sect won't be too far away!" "If the religion is fully fledged, the whole Wulin will be completely changed!" "At the end of the day!" "Little brother, are you too conceited?" Han Shangzhi could not help but feel a heat on his face. The "southern beggar" seemed to be aware of it. Then he added,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "Little brother, as the saying goes, a single tree cannot support a building. At present, the best way is for the little brother to go to Tiannan quickly, clean up the house, and take over the Tiannan Sect. On the one hand, he can save many loyal people who do not want to rebel. On the other hand,fine bubble diffuser, this is a great force that can help destroy the Tianqi Sect." This gang fully supports your action! Han Shangzhi couldn't help being shocked. His elder brother's words were deeply rooted in his heart. Yes, if Wei Yimin was allowed to go against his usual practice, some loyal people would find it difficult to save their words. The vitality of the Tiannan faction might be lost. But he thought of a more important question. He couldn't help frowning and said, "My elder brother's words are good, but there are difficulties at present!" "Southern beggar" clap one's chest: "What difficulty, you say..." "First, the only people who know my exact identity are the five elders among the ten elders of the Senate, but two of the five elders have died unfortunately, and the whereabouts of the other three are unknown.". Second, if the Master's talisman'Evil Ghost Bead Card 'has fallen into the hands of the Tianqi Sect, it will not be able to win the trust of the disciples of this sect! The Southern Beggar's face sank and he said, "This is a difficult thing. It's not easy to get back the'Evil Ghost Bead Card 'from the'Tianqi Sect'."? And "How is it?"? "Now that Wei Yimin, the current temporary head of Tiannan, filter nozzle ,disc air diffuser, has joined the sect and changed the'Magic Palace 'into the'Tianqi Sect', this amulet may have fallen into Wei Yimin's hands, so that he can control his disciples more effectively?" When Han Shangzhi heard this, he said, "That's really possible. The card is a sacred object of this door, and the licensee is the Supreme. This.." The problem is quite serious! "Don't be impatient, little brother. Wait for me to ask!" With these words, he clapped his hands. A middle-aged beggar came in. What orders does the elder have? "Send me an order. I will immediately order the disciples on duty to inquire whether any of the rudder disciples have learned the whereabouts of the three elders of Tiannan'Magic Palace '. Report as soon as possible!" "Obey the law!" Middle-aged beggar, salute and retreat. Han Shangzhi's heart suddenly became anxious. Things were really worrying. He was ordered by his master to reorganize the door. If it was out of control, he would become a sinner of the school. Time is not big, the middle-aged beggar, sign up and people. "Tell the Elder that the Deacon's Disciple Zhen Min has given orders!" "How is it?" "Are the Three Elders of Tiannan dressed in brocade robes and holding a ghost-headed staff?" Han Shangzhi was shocked and blurted out, "Yes." "Southern beggar" nodded and said to the deacon Chen Min, "Go on!" "Three days ago, the chief of the Nujiang sub-rudder and his party found the three elders running on Tiannan Road." "All right, go down!" Han Shangzhi was shocked. Why did the three elders go back to Tiannan? Isn't this going to throw themselves into the trap? Wei Yimin could not easily let go of the three of them, as well as the other five elders who stayed in the "Senate". Life and death were even more problematic. He had planned to go to the "Ghost Castle" to seek revenge first. Then on the "serial set" to retrieve the "evil ghost bead card" and then drive Tiannan to clean up the house, which completely overturned the original plan. As the heir of the Tiannan faction, how could he sit back and watch the elders in the door throw fire, and at the same time the three elders return to Tiannan, which is quite suspicious. South beggar "after a moment of silence, said:". What are you going to do, little brother? Han Shangzhi said heavily, "At present, we have to go to Tiannan right away, hoping to catch up with our elders on the way." "It's a pity that the old beggar is too badly injured to go together." "I dare not be meritorious. It's important for my elder brother to heal his wounds!" "I also sent some disciples to accompany me!" "No, I appreciate it!" "What words, you to the Beggars' Sect." Hey! The old beggar doesn't say anything about gratitude. "Old brother, little brother, I'll leave at once!" "Thank you, old brother!" "As for the whereabouts of the'Black and White Demons', I will order the disciples of this gang to inquire about them and they will be rewarded soon!" Han Shangzhi stood up and said, "Take your leave, little brother." "And.." "What else does the elder brother have to say?" "Nujiang sub-rudder, eyes and ears and Tiannan, if something happens, you can make the sub-rudder to send or serve.". Once again, I ordered the sub-helmsman to tell him where he belonged and to be at his disposal at any time. You can take this bamboo card with you! "I wrote it down, little brother. Take care, old brother!" He took the bamboo card with both hands. May the wind be with you! "Goodbye!" Han Shangzhi left Wu Housi, where the chief rudder of the Beggars' Sect was located,disc air diffuser, and set foot on the official road. A few cocks crowing in the distance, and the day was about to break. The morning stars were few and far between, and the dawn breeze was blowing on his face. Han Shangzhi unfolded his figure and galloped south along the official road.