Owl pet-Are you interested in dancing?

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There are also several bar security guards standing next to the private room, vigilant to take care of the safety around her,

Su Mi's face was hot and he nodded: "Thank you." He looked at her and took off his shirt. Strong upper body completely exposed in front of Sumi, wheat-colored symmetrical muscles, broad back, tough waist, like a quiet wild leopard, enough to make any woman blush. Su Mi remembered the feeling of being held tightly in this embrace, and his throat was a little dry. But he did not notice, as usual, he took off all his clothes and carried them into the bathroom. Because the wound can't touch water, she has to be very careful every time she bathes. Meng Xicong, who was used to holding a gun, did such meticulous work very skillfully. He hung one of her legs on a towel rack with a bandage and held her in the water. Because the military doctor warned Su Mi was weak, Meng Xicong did not touch her these days, and even let her use her hands very few times. Only at this time, the skin is soaked in hot water, without any words, we can feel each other's suppressed enthusiasm. His lips began to linger expertly on her skin. At the end of the short bath, Sumi was almost a puddle of mud, with his hands around his neck and his face flushed. And though he did not get any relief,Wall Penstocks, he could easily make her throw away her armor, and he was quite shaken. He bowed his head and kissed her heavily before he dressed her. Going out? She was surprised. He nods: "a few brothers made an appointment, have dinner together." Naturally, his brothers were the captains. Su Mi looked at his injured leg. "I'd better not go." He didn't hear the same thing at all. He put on his clothes, picked her up and went out. "The same." Sitting in the car again, she was in his arms and asked, "What's the same?" He stared at her beautiful face with a little makeup. Her green dress made her skin shine like snow,rotary vacuum disc filters, and her bright eyes were as dark as flawless black jade. He grabbed her slender arm and dropped a kiss. "I held it all the time. What's the difference?" Su Mi did not expect that the place where Meng Xicong took himself was the bar where they met again last time. The car drove directly into the backyard from the side door, and Meng Xicong walked into the bar with Su Mi in his arms. Within a few steps, it was the best and most spacious semi-enclosed private room in the lobby on the first floor. However, through the nominal bead curtain hanging door, the music of gentle shaking and dancing in the bar makes the atmosphere relaxed in an instant. Several captains had already arrived, each sitting beside a woman. But I didn't see Lian Duo. Li Xizhong was also there, sitting beside a young girl with an enchanting figure and a delicate face. Li Xizhong put his arms around her waist and said to her with a smile, "This is my boss." When the girl saw Meng Xicong, her eyes flashed with surprise. He was a little surprised to see Su Mi in his arms. Li Xizhong did not care and asked the girl to pour the wine quickly. The other two captains were not young, and the women beside them looked over 35 years old. They are not beautiful, but they all look at Sumi kindly. Call my sister-in-law. Meng Xicong put Su Mi beside him and said lightly. Sumi immediately called them and introduced them to each other, only to learn that they were the captain's wives. After the women got to know each other, except for Li Xizhong and a young captain who brought his girlfriend, lamella clarifer ,rapid sand filters, the other five captains all brought their wives. Su Mi is still a little happy in the heart-men come to this kind of place naturally to seek pleasure, but Meng Xicong's gang, seems to see through the world of mortals, this occasion to bring his wife, shows that the bones are very respectful. Is that why Meng Xicong insisted on bringing her? Think of before if there is such a meal, Meng Xicong must be alone, looking at other people warm nephrite in the bosom, arrogant and. Lonely, huh? Sumi leaned gently on his shoulder. Meng Xicong, who was whispering to the person next to her, looked the same, and the big palm on her thigh held her hand tightly in the palm. The men were talking about the war that had just ended, some of the women were talking about clothes and jewelry, others were talking about children. Although Su Mi gets along well with them, he really can't get too many words in. Later, she listened to the men making fun of the funny things in the army, and she was in high spirits. A table of people were eating and chatting, and soon it was more than ten o'clock. There are more and more people in the bar, and the music has gradually changed from gentle to passionate. An atmosphere of frantic catharsis spread like a virus in the bar. Under the psychedelic light, many people's faces are lazy and intoxicated. The atmosphere also infected the top mercenaries at this table. Several captains put their arms around their wives, either smiling cheekily or sliding into the chaotic dance floor with affection. Li Xizhong and his girlfriend also stood up. Her girlfriend glanced at Meng Xicong, who was motionless, and said hesitantly, "Aren't you going?" Li Xizhong picked up her waist and lifted it up: "You care so much!" The girl screamed and held his head, slid into his arms, and they kissed passionately and mingled on the dance floor. There is no empty courtesy between the captain and Meng Xicong, they want to go to dance, it seems that they will not consider only Meng Xicong and Su Mi. You're not going? Su Mi asked Meng Xicong, who looked calm. In fact, she doesn't mind if he dances with other women. There are also several bar security guards standing next to the private room, vigilant to take care of the safety around her, she will not be in danger. Not interested. Without the slightest hesitation, he continued to drink alone. Su Mi also did not persuade him, holding his chin and looking at the dance floor of the Phantom of the Light, is really a lot of handsome men and beautiful women. "Are you interested in dancing?" The silence of the two men was interrupted by an abrupt and tender voice. Sumi looked up and saw a tall woman standing at the table. As soon as Su Mi's eyes slipped over the woman's face, he could not leave it. This is a woman of great temperament, not that her appearance is so outstanding, although she is also extremely beautiful. What is more attractive than her appearance is the natural laziness and indifference between her frowning and thin lips. Her eyes stopped on Meng Xicong, silent, but with a sense of provocation. There is no doubt that she has great confidence in herself and is also interested in Meng Xicong. Of course, she had never seen Su Mi at all, although she was sitting close to Meng Xicong. In fact, with Meng Xicong's appearance and temperament,Belt Filter Press, even if sitting in silence in the most corner, Su Mi has no doubt that many women are paying attention to him. It's just that she didn't expect that a woman would come directly to invite her to dance when she was there. Not interested. Meng Xicong only looked up at the woman lightly, and then looked away. khnwatertreatment.com